Insulation Compensation Claims

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Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI), External Wall Insulation, Defects Investigations.

Advice for homeowners: Insulation Compensation Claims.

I-CAN insulation consultancy is assisting cavity insulation and external wall insulation (EWI) homeowners and their claims solicitors in England, Scotland and Wales to obtain compensation for wind driven rain penetration, flood damage, and damp and mould problems associated with both cavity wall insulation (CWI) and external wall insulation (EWI), and cracking and detachment of external insulated cladding and finishes, and may result in the failed measure being replaced and cover costs of remedial works plus materials.

Fig 1. Internal Damp and Black Mould

Fig 2. EWI: Wind Driven Rain Penetration, Render Cracking & Black Mould on “White” EWI Render

Homeowners whose properties have been affected should first check their cavity insulation guarantees (for example, CIGA) and external wall insulation guarantees (for example, SWIGA) and home insurance policies, and request an inspection survey of their properties.

Homeowners may be able to seek redress from the installer responsible for carrying out the insulation works if they can show that the installation was non-compliant with product technical approval specifications and industry standards.

Homeowners who are experiencing problems should refer to our Homeowner’s Guide to Overcoming Cavity Wall Insulation Problems which provides an outline of the procedures to be followed and are also relevant to overcoming external wall insulation problems. Click on the image below to download a copy.

I-CAN insulation consulting services for solicitors offer includes not only comprehensive independent impartial inspections and surveys (including, where appropriate, boroscope and thermal imaging surveys) but also includes an assessment of the standard of workmanship, the materials used and compliance with the specification, applicable building regulations and industry standards.

If you have had cavity wall insulation (CWI) or external wall insulation (EWI) carried out on your home which has caused damp, black mould, or health related issues, etc, and you require the assistance of a chartered building engineer please click here to contact us.